'My Spirit Bubble' by Shirley Bach

'My Spirit Bubble' by Shirley Bach
Cover and book design by Olwyn Griffiths TSNU (serving us now in spirit)

Shirley Bach was the most precious person in the lives of many people, a ray of sunshine and love who is dearly missed by so many people not least myself.

Throughout her illness her determination and courage was an inspiration to all who touched her life

She was determined to write this remarkable book about her life, her family, her tragic illness and the amazing experiences she had with the world of spirit. Despite her illness she completed the book making friends and family promise to have it published!

Hopeful, uplifting, humorous and heart rending this book is wonderfully written and proof that we all live on after what we call 'death'.

During the final chapter of her life her spiritual encounters intensified and she insisted that she felt cacooned and protected in a bubble of inspiration and love.............

'My Spirit Bubble'

Book tribute by Mel Clark

'My Spirit Bubble' by Shirley Bach is now available from Bromsgrove Spiritualist Church

All proceeds from the sale of 'My Spirit Bubble' go into church funds.
Please ask a Committee member about the book on your next visit.

Shirley Ann Bach

Shirley Ann Bach
Shirley Ann Bach

25th March 1957 - 14th January 2005.
Vice President, organist and benefactor
of Bromsgrove Spiritualist Church.
Author of 'My Spirit Bubble'.