Spiritualist Healing

Spiritual Healing is a most important part of Spiritualism, it is therefore held in high regard here at Bromsgrove Church.  The aim of Spiritual Healing is to promote positive energies which give comfort and support to our patients.

All SNU healers follow a strict code of conduct and are insured by the Spiritualists' National Union Healing Committee to see patients both within and outside our Church.

Spiritual Healing is used in co-operation with conventional medical treatments.  Any patient coming to our Church for Healing is asked if they are currently receiving medication  from their Doctor and are instructed if they are to continue with this. 

Healing is usually available after the church service on Wednesday and also twice a month on Sunday. Home and hospital visits can be arranged when needed. Please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Committee about the availability of an SNU trained healer.

Our healing team is made up of three approved healers Susan Sprigg (healing leader) Jan Tansley,  Sam Sproule and five trainee healers Jean Hill, Jenny Butler, Stuart Cook, Austin Walton and Frank Wiley.  They are all dedicated workers for Spirit and strive to help everyone who comes to our Church for Healing.

  The Healing will be freely given but any donations would be gratefully received for the Church.

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